The Best Travel Apps

Here are some of the best travel apps that will equip you with the travel information you need at the click of a button.


When you need to search for flight options quickly, especially when on the go, Kayak is a great app to use. Filter by price, number of stops, class of travel, flying time or overall travel time to find the best option.

While it also enables you to book through the website, I would recommend contacting your travel advisor as we can get cheaper ‘net’ rates not available to the public.

Tripit PRO

This is probably my favourite travel app of all the ones listed here.

Forward all your email confirmations to Tripit and they will all be collated and grouped under various itineraries enabling you to access all your essential travel information in one place.

A subscription to TripIt Pro will give you added benefits such as emailing or texting to inform you if your flight is on time or delayed, which gate you are travelling from.

If you miss your flight or connection, it will give you the best alternative routes and times.


Have you ever suffered through a cramped eight-hour economy flight? Or selected an exit row seat only to find the exit door takes over half your legroom?

The free SeatGuru app offers over 700 colour-coded seat maps backed by more than 50,000+ reviews from flyers so that you’ll know which seats to book and which to avoid.

This is a must use app when you travel in any class, as not even all first class seats are made equal.

XE Currency

One of the challenges of travelling across a number of countries is shifting between currencies.

XE Currency converts your home currency into local currency at a click of a button so that you do not have to rely on mental arithmetic (or guess work).

The app allows you to get a grip on the local currency quickly, saving you time and no doubt, money.


No matter how much planning you do ahead of your trip, one thing you can never predict is the weather.

By installing a weather app – we like WeatherPro or Met Office – you can keep on top of whatever the weather has in store.


Tipping rules vary by country, by region, and by scenario. A modest rounding up of the bill may be fine in some places and insufficient in others. Tipping may be expected in some places and considered an insult in others.

While Tipulator can’t tell you the customs, it can help you easily calculate based on the tip amount you select and also help you split the bill with friends.


If you’re visiting a country where your favourite websites have been blocked, or you have a spare few hours and you want to catch up on a TV show that’s only available when you’re in your home country, then ExpressVPN will be the app for you.

Don’t ask me to explain the technical side, but it essentially allows you to connect to the internet as if you were in your own (or any other country) so you can browse or watch what you want.


Half the fun of being on holiday is posting pictures of you having a fabulous time.

Make everyone back home jealous by posting regular pictures of the beach, a sunset or a cocktail to your Instagram account. You can view my account here.

Priority Pass

If the airline you’re using doesn’t have a lounge at an airport or if you’re not flying in business and you don’t have status with the airline, you’ll find the Priority Pass app particularly useful.

The app will give you access to airport lounges for 1,300 locations in over 600 cities across 148 countries. You can get up to two guests in for a free which is handy and you can access meal vouchers at select airport restaurants across the world.

Unless you have Priority Pass membership via your credit card, there is an annual fee and there is a fee to enter each lounge on top, but I think it is worth it for the convenience it offers.


If you value a good night’s sleep like I do, then the Timeshifter app is a must have. It has helped me cope with difficult time zone leaps time and again.

The app helps you avoid jet lag before your flight takes off and offers inflight and post-flight suggestions.

It maps out when you should avoid or seek light, take a nap or try to stay awake and it uses scientific research about sleep and circadian rhythms to inform recommendations.

You can try the app out for free for one trip and there are various pricing options available after this to continue using the app.

Google Translate

Google Translate allows you to translate into more than 100 languages, translate via photo, translate bilingual conversations and use the handwriting tool to translate.

The app is impressive and simple to use – it has come to my rescue many times.


I use CityMapper daily around London because the platform is user-friendly, the route recommendations are spot on, and it’s free. What I hadn’t realised until recently is that you can switch cities to one of 80 cities around the world.

Google Maps is great, but CityMapper offers a more detailed travel planner which means you can get around town like a local.

It takes into account the cost of a journey and you have the option to save your route offline.

When you’re struggling to find your way around, CityMapper will reliably suggest the best way for you to get from A to B.

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