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Welcome to The Bon Vivant Journal, my blog about the best restaurants, bars and hotels in London and beyond.

I founded Bon Vivant, a luxury travel and concierge service, back in 2009, born from a love of hotels and restaurants.

On The Bon Vivant Journal, I write about London restaurants, my favourite London bars, the best hotels in various cities and write hotel reviews from all over the world.

I dine out and travel rather often to make sure I’m experiencing what I can then recommend to clients and to my readers.

Whether it’s the best hotels in New York, my favourite escapes near London, a guide to the hotels and restaurants in Mallorca or a monthly guide to the new restaurants and bars opening in London, my aim is to give you my advice, recommendations and tips on the best of the best.

Nobody pays to be featured in our guides or reviews. While I may receive invitations for dinners, events and hotel stays, it will only appear here if it’s good enough. Many don’t make it.

I hope you enjoy reading my food, travel and luxury related reviews and recommendations, including many ‘best of’ and ‘top 10 lists’ for London and beyond.

Through this blog, I hope to tell you what you need to book, for whom, when and how – sign up here.

I hope you enjoy The Bon Vivant Journal!


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If you would like to contact me regarding any editorial or advertising queries, please email me here.

I can be contacted for hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, event listings and other travel lifestyle opportunities.

Editorial Policy

The Bon Vivant Journal is designed to promote venues and events that I believe our members and readers will be interested in visiting – if something isn’t good enough, I simply won’t feature it.

This is not a place to criticise or highlight the worst of London and beyond – this is a site for positive reinforcement. I want to shout about the best and leave the criticism for others.

I am fortunate to be invited to previews and events and get asked to review restaurants and hotels, often on a complimentary basis.

However, if something is not good enough for me to put my name behind it, it simply won’t be featured – whether paid or not, that is a guarantee.

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Here are the current statistics for The Bon Vivant Journal.

Monthly Unique Readers: 40,000

Monthly Page Views: 80,000

Newsletter Subscribers: 6,000

Twitter Followers: 11,300

Instagram Followers: 6,000+

Facebook Likes: 2,500

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