Michaeljohn Hair Salon

If it’s good enough for Mick Jagger and Princess Anne, it’s good enough for me, and Michaeljohn – the salon brand who started in the 1960s looking after the aforementioned clientèle – is as relevant now as it was 6 decades ago.

Walking into Michaeljohn in Mayfair is much like walking into a well established Mayfair restaurant – beautiful staff move seamlessly around the room serving beautiful, coiffed clients, and within minutes they’re seated with a glass of Champagne in hand.

Michaeljohn hair salon in Mayfair

There are many great things about the look of this salon – the golden lighting, the plush towels and the rows and rows of clients prettily laid out across the room.

You feel as though there is a never-ending supply of people watching and yet also perfectly secluded and able to relax. The other thing that really struck me was the breadth of clientèle.

There are the usual Mayfair and St James’s set of glamorous women (with a row of impeccably-dressed husbands patiently waiting in the lounge area), but also a great number of Mayfair-type tourists, business men, glamorous Hens and Savile Row types – it really was an extraordinary range.

Michaeljohn hair salon in Mayfair

The salon offers the usual range of deluxe hair treatments but also a number of specialist beauty and spa services. It is one of three Michaeljohn salons – the other locations in Knightsbridge and Belgravia (check each salon for individual services provided).

The staff at Michaeljohn are consummate professionals – from preened head to pedicured toe – and you’ll leave looking refreshed and feeling rather fabulous.

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