Gay Travel


Bon Vivant Travel specialises in designing exclusive escapes, inspired luxury holidays and weekend getaways.

No two holidays are the same and we love creating itineraries that reflect your individual requirements.

Same sex travel is no different.

Attitudes towards same-sex couples and the LGBTQ+ community around the world are varied and there are places you may or may not be happy to travel.

If you need our advice on gay-friendly hotels or gay-friendly destinations, we can certainly help.

As a gay man, I am well versed in the pifalls that our community can face while travelling and I know what we like and don’t like.

Gay travel is much more than picking a gay-friendly place to visit.

It’s more about the finer details such as receiving ‘his and hers’ slippers and robes, welcome letters addressed to ‘Mr and Mrs’, or being allocated a room with twin beds – which can all detract from the experience.

We liaise with hotels before you travel so everything is in place for your arrival so that you can enjoy your holiday with your loved one.

Contact me now to book your next LGBTQ+ holiday.


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