Yauatcha Restaurant Review

Celebrating 10 Years

I can’t think of many places in London I’d rather visit for dim sum than Yauatcha in Soho. Launched in 2004 by the Hakkasan group, Yauatcha received a Michelin star within a year of opening; an accolade it has retained ever since.

Describing itself as a dim sum teahouse, Yauatcha specialises in just that – in addition to the fantastic dim sum menu, it offers over 60 types of tea.

Yauatcha, a dim sum teahouse in Soho

While the Hakkasan brand and, indeed, Yauatcha, has now spread across the globe, it’s good to see that standards have been maintained at the London original.

This month, Yauatcha is celebrating its tenth birthday by offering ‘secret’ off-menu items throughout the month with a new item released every Monday.

I missed the dim sum platter of wild fungus and pomegranate, lychee scallop puff and spicy lamb and fig dumpling, which sounded fantastic, but visited in time to try Eight Butterflies green tea with cranberry, rose petal and chrysanthemum flavours.

Eight butterflies tea at Yauatcha Soho

Celebrations continue for the next 2 weeks: visit the week commencing Monday 15th September to try the soy caramel puffed rice, roasted pumpkin choux bun filled with pumpkin, vanilla cream and pumpkin compote, with a spiced crunch topping and crystallised orange.

Or visit the week commencing Monday 22nd September for the Shēngri Fizz – a glass of Bollinger Rosé Champagne served with two miniature jugs of mixers and a micro-cocktail class by the waiter.

The macaroons at Yauatcha Soho

But this shouldn’t be your only reason for visiting Yauatcha. Visit for the fabulous venison puffs, the finest char siu bao (pork buns) or the roasted duck pumpkin puffs.

Visit for a quick dim sum lunch or for a full three course dinner. Just try making it out the door without picking up a box of macaroons from the patisserie to take home with you.

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