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We recently discovered a company called Wine Owners, a site designed to help you safeguard, manage and appreciate your wine collection. Here they tell us in their own words a bit more about Wine Owners.

With low interest rates, high net worth investors are increasingly considering more potentially lucrative sources of investment.

Wine provides just such an investment solution. It’s a classic collectible asset. The characteristics that drive collectible investment markets are relative scarcity and demand, and the fine wine market has those in abundance.

But how do you invest in wine if you are not a wine expert?

Just like in traditional investment management where online platforms such as Hargreaves Lansdown offer private investors all the information and tools to be able to take control of their wealth management decisions, there’s a new service that promises the same benefits for fine wine.

Importantly, it provides the transparency and assured platform that private clients demand to reduce the risks.

Founded by a collector and with heavyweight backing, Wine Owners combines fully-fledged portfolio management along with a huge market pricing database spanning 150,000 wines that shows the level at which a wine represents fair value.

What’s more, members can see critics’ reviews and scores for a given wine – akin to equity analyst reports – and check out producer information including data on how much is actually produced each year.

These management tools are integrated with a trading exchange containing millions of pounds worth of fine wine, giving members the option of buying, selling or bidding.

The exchange model opens up new possibilities for finding sought-after wines; such as placing open bids that trigger a search to match the demand with wines that other collectors may already own and be prepared to sell.

The fine wine market has lagged far behind many other sectors that invested in online self-service and portfolio management tools. Wine Owners has just changed all that, enabling private collectors or investors to make properly informed decisions with a platform purpose-built for their needs.

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