The Terrace on Holland Street, Kensington

It’s a beautiful bright spring day when my guest and I visit The Terrace on Holland Street. Just moments away from Kensington High Street, this restaurant is tucked away on a quiet and handsome residential street that feels miles away from the hustle of London.

The clean lines and serenity of these fine-looking streets are matched by the elegant simplicity of this restaurant’s interior. Its white and muted greys with big windows create a sense of space and calm for this small restaurant.

The Terrace has been open for just over a year and is headed up by restaurateur, Sara Adams and Head Chef, James Kelly.

The Terrace on Holland Street

We visited for Sunday lunch and James’s Irish heritage was apparent in the delicious treacle soda bread that was brought to our table.

As if Kensington wasn’t lucky enough, this signature bread has been such a hit that the restaurant is now selling it in the mornings for £5 a loaf.

For starters I tried a wonderfully pink beetroot and gin cured salmon with sharp bites of pickled vegetables and horseradish cream. My guest went for the steak tartare with toasted sourdough, which had the most perfectly rounded and glossy egg yolk on top.

Before commenting on the main event, the roast beef, I should confess that I’ve more or less abandoned paying for roast dinners. I’m convinced they’re never as good as home cooking and invariably leave you disappointed.

But I’m happy to say that The Terrace has cracked it: the roast beef was buttery and tender; the vegetables not over cooked or over sweetened; nor the roast potatoes saved from a common fate of tasting like cardboard. All this accompanied by a nicely crisp and airy Yorkshire pudding.

The rump of lamb, beautifully pink inside, came with a suitably fresh and spring like croquette, celeriac puree and spring vegetables, set off with a smoked bacon and red wine jus.

We rounded this off with a classic choice of apple tart, although this version served with a twist – less tart and more apple slices set in a salted caramel sauce – was mysteriously less satisfying than the classic version.

It was quiet on the lunch time we visited, but I’m reliably informed by the charming staff that the evenings have been busy since opening.

This restaurant is perfect on a sunny day because it traps all the sunlight; and if you’re even luckier with the weather there are tables outside where you can enjoy leisurely dining in the stunning surroundings of this luxurious neighbourhood.

Tip: Book a table outside at The Terrace on Holland Street for a relaxing Sunday afternoon or a lost Friday afternoon this summer. Tuesday to Friday you can also enjoy two courses for £17.50 or three courses for £20.

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