Shirt Stays: Accessories For Stylish Men

Shirt Stays from Sharp and Dapper

If, like me, you wear a shirt to work every day and lead an active life, you may find it difficult to keep your shirt from riding up, resulting in a dishevelled look that just won’t do for the modern style conscious man.

Shirt Stays from Sharp and Dapper

Introducing Shirt Stays, the new accessory that you won’t be able to manage without. Shirt Stays are believed to have been invented and patented back in the 1870s, and have mainly been used by the US army.

Bringing Shirt Stays to London is Notting Hill based company sharp&dapper, who have updated the concept with a cool, stylish approach.

Whether you work in an office where you move from meeting to meeting or work in hospitality where you’re on your feet all day, the Shirt Stays will ensure that you shirts won’t ride up and that your Shirt will, well, Stay. Tucked in, that is.

Shirt Stays are not necessarily for every day use (although I know some stylish men who do), but can be used for an important interview, meeting or special occasion.

I recently wore them at a wedding and they held my shirt in place all day – while others were beginning to look bedraggled by the end of the night, I still looked sharp and dapper into the early hours, even while busting some moves on the dance floor.

The mechanics are quite simple – attach one side to your shirt and the other to your socks, with the added benefit of keeping your socks up all day!

Shirt Stays are sold in sets of 4 (one for the front and one for the back on each side) and cost £15 – they are available in black and burgundy. Click here to update your wardrobe and your style.

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