Clos Maggiore Restaurant Review – Designed to Make You Fall in Love

I’ve known of Clos Maggiore for a long time – it crops up in every poll of London’s most romantic restaurants (or as The Times announced in 2012, the UK’s Sexiest restaurant) – and this is perhaps why, to date, I hadn’t visited. But don’t let that put you off.

Clos Maggiore is absolutely perfect for a romantic occasion, but steers away from being too clichéd. It has a sweet dining room lined with foliage reminiscent of a Midsummer Night’s Dream set and it is above all polished and comfortable.

Clos Maggiore - one of the most romantic restaurants in London

Staff float seamlessly around tables in that elegant French manner that is the perfect antidote to the hipster restaurant openings that have dominated the dining scene for the last few years.

We started with parmesan scones and an excellent glass of Champagne as selected from the inviting, classic French menu. We opted for a Lobster, Prawn and Scallop Ravioli and seasonal stuffed Morels with Chicken Mousseline to start. Both were shared and both plates were handed back absolutely spotless.

The food is cooked very well and dishes are exactly what you’d hope for from a restaurant as luxurious and well regarded as this. My only complaint was a lack of imagination with the menu, which firmly stuck to ‘safe’ at all times.

The mains included a roasted Turbot with Brown Shrimp presented prettily and a Suckling Pig Shoulder with Petit Pois and Alsace Bacon sauce that was rich and delicious, and came as a generous portion. Thrice cooked chips and Vichy carrots were unctuous sides.

Paris Brest was too retro not to be ordered and was a dessert to be shared with a delicious Gewürztraminer, recommended by the excellent Sommelier, rounding the meal off beautifully.

Clos Maggiore is a mixture of what I’d hoped for, and what I’d expected. The staff’s expertise and professionalism make the experience really something special, and of course, the sweet and delicate dining room contributes to this hugely.

Food is unlikely to disappoint, but similarly it’s not one for foodies looking to be challenged. It is for all of these reasons that it really is a romantic restaurant in a classic, old-school glamour, swoon sort of way.

Clos Maggiore Restaurant Review

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