Travelling By Private Jet

We all know that catching a commercial flight can be rather stressful: the crowds, the queues, the aggravation!

Without having to deal with hordes of people or crowded departure gates, travelling by plane is a lot less troublesome.

Chartering a private jet gives you the freedom to fly wherever you want, whenever you want, in a setting specifically tailored to meet your individual needs.

Here are the benefits of flying by private jet.

Save Time

If you have flown out of a commercial airport you’ll know how busy and crowded it can be. You have to arrive at the airport two hours before your flight departs and stand in line and after line.

For busy people, this simply isn’t practical.

Travel by private jet

With private jet travel, you can avoid the queues altogether and avoid having to show up early. Here you fly when you want.

You set the time and you can arrive even as little as 20 minutes before flight time.

Small jets don’t need the massive runways of larger commercial jets, so they are able to fly from smaller airports, which are quieter, less congested and potentially closer to your home or office.

No long check-in lines, no arriving 2 hours before you flying… that’s time, money, and aggravation saved.

And what about your luggage at the other end? Swiftly taken off the plane and handed to you without having to wait at the baggage carousel. More time saved!

Travel in style by private jet

Spend more time in your final destination and less time getting there.

Cancelled flights and delays when flying on a private jet are virtually unheard of, therefore you can be safe in the knowledge that you will get to your destination on time to stick to the plans you have made.

Privacy and Comfort

While saving time is usually the main driving force behind taking a private jet, privacy and comfort are also big factors.

If you have a big deal to discuss or confidential information to discuss, a private jet offers the utmost privacy.

It’s also easier to get work done in the air when you’re no surrounded by hordes of other people.

interiors on a private jet charter

Imagine if the only passengers on board your next flight were those you invited?

On a private flight, you can hold confidential meetings in flight, work without interruptions, or spend time with your friends and family.


Flying a private jet means you can customise the experience just for you. First class meals are usually very good, but you could choose exactly what you want to eat and drink at every point during your flight.

The choice is all yours!

You can also pick your own style of plane – do you like a classic or modern look? What colour interiors would you prefer? Again, the choice is yours.

food on a private jet

Would you like to travel with your pet, but can’t face taking them on a commercial flight?

Not all commercial flights allow a pet or charge hefty fees to do so. On a private jet, your pet can sit right alongside you with a customised food menu for them as well!

Private Lounge Access

No matter how luxurious the first class cabin can be, the only way to get there is by braving the chaos and lengthy queues at the airport.

But if you’re flying private, you can have your chauffeur drive you directly to the side of the plane.

Some private terminals even offer a luxurious private lounge where you can relax while you wait for your friends to arrive or for your plane to take off.

You can make sure there’s Champagne ready and waiting for you to start your journey in the best possible way.

Private Jet Finder

Working with Private Jet Finder, travellers (whether business or pleasure) can enjoy easy, ongoing access to top quality private jets.

Even with last-minute travel during busy seasons, access to a private jet can be made at short notice, so you can avoid crowded airports and avoid wasting your time.

There’s only one way to really fly…

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