Acote Salon Review

To me, the beauty of beauty salons is not only the obvious fact that we go there to get pampered, relax and improve our health and looks. The real beauty of great barbershops, hairdressers and nail parlours is the people who work there.

If you go to the same salon regularly they don’t only make you pretty, but also become your friends and confidantes, and you theirs.

The ladies at Àcote Hair and Beauty were lovely and we chatted about the usual things – hairstyles, nail varnish colours, boyfriends and how to get rid of those annoying fine lines and sun damage.

The best thing about my experience at Acote was the friendly and relaxed atmosphere and the fact that I was having my haircut and manicure done at the same time! I saved at least one hour of my valuable time and was about to ask if the pedicure could also be done simultaneously…

But then I would probably be pushing my luck, wouldn’t I? Both ladies were creative, had great suggestions and in general made my time in the salon really enjoyable and fun.

Àcote is located on Chancery lane, just off High Holborn in central London and is perfect for busy City workers. Salon owner Mariela Valeova has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years. She opened the salon last year and decided to offer a wide range of beauty treatments and hair services for women and men under one roof.

You can get any kind of hair treatment from a quick blow dry, if you want to look special for an important meeting or an evening out, to treatments of severely damaged hair, Brazilian conditioning and straightening.

The beauty menu at Acote is full of facials, waxing, IPL skin treatments, teeth whitening, Advanced Nutrition Programme and Collagen Stimulation Therapy with Environ Medical Roll-CIT™, which stimulates the skin’s collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and more.

I’m obsessed with the pigmentation caused by the sun damage on my forehead and Mariela said she herself had noticed it straight away.

According to her, such problems should be addressed by treating the deep layers of the skin and not only peeling off the damaged surface. She suggested applying Environ Hydrating Oil Capsules for a month first and then coming back for a facial with Environ’s lonzyme DF II Machine.

I can’t wait to try it!

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