Salvador and Amanda Restaurant

Tapas and Late Night Drinks in Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury is not an area known for its selection of post work drink spots, so when Salvador and Amanda opened their second location there, it was a move welcomed by the locals.

The stylish Spanish inspired bar, restaurant and late night dance venue (the bar is open until 3am on weekends) does not stray from what made its first Covent Garden location successful, and if anything, is a step up to fill a much needed gap in the WC1 postcode.

When we arrived at Salvador and Amanda on a Friday night, the place was buzzing with groups of friends and co-workers toasting to an accomplished work week. Pitchers of fresh sangria greet you at the door and are followed by an impressive cocktail list and authentic tapas menu.

As we were there for dinner, we were a little confused as to where we would be eating until we were led up the stairs to their slightly quieter but more intimate second level. It still has the warmth and buzz of downstairs accompanied by a long wooden bar and candle lit tables for diners.

The menu is a notch above the sharing platters downstairs and after taking a quick look, we leave our dining fate in the hands of our charming and confident waiter who suggests we allow him to pick our dishes.

What came next was what seemed like a never-ending flow of well executed and ridiculously delicious tapas dishes. Highlights included the Monkfish special of the day, the Croquetes Caseras de Jamon (ham croquettes) and the Salmon Curada paired with pomegranate and black olive vinaigrette, which was a surprisingly tasty combination.

However, the winner of the evening was the Chorizo Lollipops. They were as indulgent as they sound and had us wanting more the second they were finished. Overall we sampled around 9 dishes.

It was the perfect amount for two people and really allowed the kitchen to showcase their ability to execute Spanish classics as well as more modern and playful combinations.

The dessert menu was slightly safer in comparison but featured a nice selection of fresh ice creams and sorbets in rich caramel and fruit flavours among others. They were a perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Salvador and Amanda proved that it is not just an option for locals, visited out of necessity; it’s a great experience for anyone. No matter what you are in the mood for, forgo the regular Soho haunts and travel a bit East…you won’t be disappointed.