Kelly Millar: KM Image Consulting

KM Image Consulting from Kelly Millar is a leading international team of image consultants offering a highly personalised personal styling and image consulting service for discerning individuals and corporations, aimed at those seeking a wardrobe revival and overall image enhancement.

Kelly Millar’s team of image consultants at KM Image Consulting assist you to identify your individual needs and design a look that suits your personality and lifestyle.

KM Image Consulting offers a wardrobe advisory service to help maintain unity, versatility and style from season to season:

  • Clothing recommendations for your body type
  • Garment selections to suit your personality, lifestyle and physique
  • Dressing for your budget
  • Wardrobe refinement (what items to keep/discard)
  • Up-to-date inventory and maintenance of wardrobe
  • Outfit creation
  • New item recommendation
  • Tasteful trend adoption

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