B Soho

Cocktail Bar and Pizzeria

By Krista Faist

A Friday night in Soho offers you endless amounts of options for after work cocktails. The newly opened B-Soho is one of the new cocktail bars on the block but has also decided to serve up some authentic Italian pizza while at it.

Offering two very different vibes in one space can be a challenge, but they have managed to do so in their two floor space on Poland Street.

On the main floor is a hip yet casual space, perfect for mingling with colleagues and catching up with friends whilst sipping on one of their 30 signature cocktails. It also features live music every Tuesday to Saturday. Downstairs is a quieter and more intimate space to enjoy a meal.

The large tables make it perfect for dining with groups of friends and the rustic décor creates an authentically Italian vibe.

The menu is simple with all of the usual suspects one would expect from an Italian Pizzeria. The wine list isn’t vast, but features some great options in all price ranges.

Our waitress makes informative suggestions for each course and being a lover of all Italian food, there really wasn’t anything on the menu I wouldn’t have tried.

The bruschetta is simple and flavourful, although a tad awkward to share as it came in one large piece with no cutting knife. We are told that this was a mistake by the kitchen and it generally comes served in two pieces.

The Bresaola, Rocket & Parmesan is easier to share and the parmesan paired perfectly with our wine.

I was most excited to try their pizzas as I had heard about the special brick oven they cooked them in. Head chef Raffaele Medaglia, brought the special brick oven with him from Italy that took weeks of time and manpower to install.

The result is a precise and efficient machine that cooks the restaurant’s dozen pizza varieties perfectly in just 90 seconds at 900C (a busy kitchen’s dream!)

My guest and I share the Don Vincenzo (Italian Sausage, Tender Steamed Broccoletti and Mozzarella) and the Don Rocca (Buffalo Mozzarella, Cherry Tomato, Rocket and Prosciutto).

There’s no shortage of gooey cheese (which I believe to be the basis for any great pizza) on either and the rest of the toppings are fresh and abundant.

They are far too big for one person to enjoy and half the enjoyment of having dinner in this kind of environment is ordering items to share, so we were once again disappointed to not be given the option of proper utensils to cut the pizzas and had to ask for them.

One of my favourite desserts is Tiramisu and B-Soho has created a great version. It melts in your mouth and is a perfectly light ending to a heavy pizza.

Aside from the slightly flaky service, B-Soho has a menu that does not disappoint. And as we join the now packed upstairs lounge, it seems they’ve also been able to establish themselves as a Friday night haunt in Soho.

Whether you’re looking to dip in for some cocktails ahead of a night out on the town, or prefer to make an evening of it and slither downstairs for some pizza and vino, it’s a great option for either.

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