Food Trends & Travel Trends

With each new year comes new experiences, new trends and the occasional unfortunate fad. Here’s Bon Vivant’s opinion on the food trends and travel trends that we will face in 2012 and beyond.

Restaurant and Food Trends for 2012

Food Trends: Repeat Customers

The main food trend for 2012 and beyond will be about focusing on customer loyalty and retention, moving away from one-off ‘daily deal’ offers with large discounts by focusing on securing repeat business by loyal customers.

As such, restaurants will need to really focus on customer service as a priority and consistently exceeding expectations.

Food Trends: No More Pop-Ups?

The end might also be near for the pop-up phenomenon in its current form as consumers move away from always searching for the next temporary fad. For the pop-up to re-appear next year, it will need to evolve and offer something more inspiring.

Food Trends: Sharing Plates

The small sharing plate concept that has been so popular recently looks set to continue. The ‘tapas’ effect has already been firmly established with Italian restaurants (think Polpo, Tempo, Bocca di lupo) and will undoubtedly make its way into other cuisines over the next year.

Food Trends: Fat Content

We might also see more restaurants offering nutritional information on their menus, which will surely cause a stir. A sensible solution would be to make it optional and not mandatory on menus.

Travel Trends for 2012

Travel Trends: Call The Experts

Travel experts will become increasingly popular over the next few years, moving away from the recent trend of social media platforms and review sites.

Consumers will want itineraries tailored to their own specific tastes and desires, which relies on the personal touch of a reliable, trustworthy travel expert who gets to know you personally.

Travel Trends: Forward Planning

To coincide with this, planning further in advance will become more of the norm, with a decline in last minute holidays.

Travel Trends: South America = Hot

South America will become a popular destination, combining food and wine experiences in Argentina with activity based holidays in the Patagonia region, for example. Brazil will also start to feature more heavily in the run-up to the major sporting events over the next few years.

Travel Trends: Once in a Lifetime

‘Once in a lifetime’ holidays will become more prevalent with travellers wanting ‘bucket list’ experiences, ranging from visiting the natural wonders of the world to trying world-famous restaurants across the globe.

What are your thoughts on the food and travel trends for the coming year? We would love to hear your comments below!